Madre Book Cover

Believers Review excerpt forthcoming.

Reverse Negative With 58 stories tightly packed in this slim volume all you need do is turn a page to enter another of his compact little worlds. If you like the MICRO and FLASH forms it's certain you'll discover a number that amuse, provoke, or startle." --Craig Snyder

Drivers"Fans of classic cars may enjoy these stories for their authentic feel—fans of the short story for the characters, some of them memorable. Either way, Drivers makes a mark with it's simple, relevant themes and the whisper, faintly heard, of the lonely American highway, folding in on itself the million dreams of all the drivers with their hands tightly gripping the wheel --

Rants & Raves "In his debut collection of short fiction, Nathan Leslie delivers a dark and scathing portrait of contemporary American society...Rants and Raves offers nothing less than a portrait of hell, a picture of an America about to implode." --

A Cold Glass of Milk"Leslie captures us in this Being John Malkovich style possession of another's life with the informal, almost rambling style of the character's thoughts. The stream of consciousness method lends a feel of genuine, talking to a buddy communication, rather than the neatly trimmed, formal dialogue of standard fiction. Now you're probably thinking; so why would I keep reading? I can go down to the coffee shop, or call my mother if I want to hear someone real ramble on about their life. The answer is imagery, and brilliant writing." -- Adrienne Jones